Training Inspirations

  • Feel for imbalances in your strength, boundaries of your endurance, and limits to your powers. Go to those places and level them; step over the lines; lift or drive a little bit beyond. Tomorrow morning you’ll be standing at a new border of the great frontier.
  • Before jumping at judgment, probe perceptual gaps.
  • Each time we stress over something, many factors went into it. Reviewing them as we would a new map of combined terrain and weather factors, can help us navigate better next time. As usual, when we fail we stand to learn the most. We need only to set aside a short time to reflect on and use the opportunity.
  • Silence calms, listens, and reflects, so that the wise, calm, and sane answers may arise to meet us.
  • Err on the side of hitting the basics from every angle.
  • Be your own best coach in all your training days. Who is more important to have in your corner than you?
  • Journal about the sticking points in your training life. Seek that ionized post-lightening, tell-yourself-the-truth scent in your thinking. Once onto the scent stay on it until there is a breakthrough in understanding, action, and / or reduced actions.
  • Sleep is your deepest neurologic inhalation and exhalation, your immune system’s maestro, and your body’s renewal. When you feel a slight version of yourself, suspect that you’ve slighted sleep.
  • Lay in bed or sit on the couch. While you are there, close your eyes, see your feet on a road or trail, and hear their cadence as you breathe easy. Imagine yourself running free, light, and in a groove made for you to run in. Before long, you’ll be there.
  • Cadence can be a steed with wings.
  • Think of the importance and variety of place when it comes to inspiring yourself to train, not in general, but today, now.
  • There are many trainable mountains, natural and architectural. Ranges, ridges, and rises. Buildings, bleachers, and stairs.
  • Sometimes get some training in even though you’re wearing regular work or leisure clothing.
  • Sip water. It makes us buoyant and breaks-up sitting time.
  • If sprinting is in your range of allowable training, consider planning some drop-ins at your local track to put in short intense, sprint intervals. Use sprints in your your running life as you use salt and spice in your cooking.
  • Remember, repeated beginnings eventually make your a practitioner.
  • When moving in a sluggish cadence, suppose you found yourself ready to sprint a good stretch, and sprinted — as a sudden interval inspiration took hold.What happened? You redeemed a sluggish jog into a warm-up that reached critical mass, then you nuked the trail with your speed. And no one told you to, it just happened. These moments are waiting for you and all you have to do is get out there and trust yourself to know when to move.
  • Face is not for saving. It is for facing fear, then prevailing as fear dissolves.
  • Personal Vision: Knowing we have one life to live, and making it count.
  • Unbeatable: when our own emotions no longer defeat us, but help us instead.
  • If your neck, back, and shoulders try to petrify you with tension, tense your abdominal muscles to draw off their static tension. This will help you loosen-up.
  • Let inspiration energize action.
  •  The unity of inner strength and outer confidence is a rare achievement, and by some divine sense of humor, sets in at older ages when aging has humbled the pride of youth, but also the body.
  • Wall, definition. A balancing aid during body-weight exercises like squats; a modified pushup surface; a wall-squat support; a plyometrics training surface, an isometric training surface, and much more.
  • Two out of four seasons major in hot and cold (warm and cool in some places). Our attitude toward heat and cold affects how our outdoor training progresses in the extremes.
  • Treadmills can pull us away from terra firma, fresh air, sunlight (natural Vit. D), and the irregularities of the terrain for muscle value. Still, rough schedules, people needing us, bad air outside,a runner who can’t do sunlight, or perhaps a wounded warrior avoiding loud sounds and scenes prove the adaptive wisdom of the treadmill.
  • Suppose you had no meetings the rest of the day; would it be so bad to sweat in your work clothes after lunch, just like you did when you were a kid?
  • Train to become better in service to the people in your life and you will find exponential joy, even with hardships.
  • Get started with quality; training volume will grow.
  • Be prepared with what you need to train, then turn to your stream of daily tasks.
  • Running maintains the foundation and climbs up to the heights of endurance.


  • Sip water all day and feel a buoyant readiness to train.
  • Let the cool air molecules stream around you.
  • The victorious athlete on any given day may be an alpha competitor, or a miracle worker.

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