One-Thousand Five

photoWeight resistance movements today….45 percent iron, 55 percent body weight.

I’m grateful for this training day, that it was sound, safe, and injury free, with lots of variety of movement during WRT.

May your training day be great paying off for you and yours, and service to others!

Tip for Runners to Enhance Their Strength Training Experience

photoRunners may avoid weight resistance training because it feels too slow, is usually indoors, and seems to lack the respiratory, skin pore, and circulatory opening that comes with dedicated running.

Here’s a simple approach you may have forgotten: Buffer your strength training exercises with jump rope intervals. This will help you work on your calve muscle strength while opening your lungs, heart and skin pores. Boxers do road work, weight resistance, and plenty of jump roping with good results. You can too.

Strength Training Tip for Winter: Find Your Place in the Sun

In Winter, hibernation must be on our minds, or fitness clubs everywhere would not be marketing the beach-ready fitness routines to motivate people. In general, I’m talking about those who don’t generally do Winter sports, or don’t have access, but who do the basics: walking, running and some form of weight training.

If that is you, here is something to consider during your Winter weight training workouts. Find a window that admits sunshine. On an Indian Summer day, find a grass spot or patio. Maybe you have a warm spot outside blocked from wind on cold days. Then, train in the sun. Obviously, if you spend more than 15 minutes directly in the sun, consider sunscreen with the desired SPF. Enjoy your strength training!

find your place in the sun