True independence

All words have a limited purpose, “for now.” “Independence” is that way. It is needed to get free of false supports, or false assumptions that lead to false needs. False needs erode time, health, and treasure. They tend to be sedimentary and inefficient for us.

We are wise to do an Independence Inventory from time to time to identify the ideas, notions, feelings, things, and habits that have settled in around us that are not aligned with the truest, most honorable, most loving, and most righteous (not self-righteous, but righteous by others) person each of us aspires to be. The “Look-Up” YouTube video of my previous post illustrates a thing from which we need independence.

Why try? Because what we aspire to be is what is in our heart.

Adaptive training seeks to adapt mind and body in service to our true heart, to our reason for being here. This means letting go of falseness, wherever found.

Free of false things, we are better prepared for interdependence in a way that will benefit, not harm others. We may “get up and walk.”

Like farming land, this farming of the heart, mind, and body is the purpose of training the mind and body to find harmony with the decisive, innocent spirit which we were given as children.

As I get older, I see that spirit of decisive innocence to clear the way for genuine love. Instantly, reflecting on this, trying to re-establish harmony with that divine spark, it is easy for me to see all my defects brought to light. My selfishness.

It is then I remember I must stand again, find my heart, and work the fields of this earthly testing ground another day.

Practical Training Takeaway: About Workout Books and Swimming for Core with Cardio-Respiratory and Recovery Benefits Included

When I bought the book by fellow blogger and authors Reeves, Paglini, et al. Triathletes Swim First: 100+ Beginning Swim Workouts for Triathletes, I had planned at first to buy a hard copy.

I changed my mind and downloaded the e-book instead. The reason: I use the book by these athletes for one of many options to train the core muscles, and for mobility training of all muscle groups with cardio, breathing, recovery, and buoyancy benefits included.

Takeway Training Tip: With the book on my desktop, I can print-off one of the workouts from one or more pages, and bring it with me to the pool for guidance.

This is also true for all of those fitness, training, and health books that tend to get lost on your bookshelves with workouts, pictorial how-to sequences, and instructive tips in them. If you buy them in e-book form, you can easily print-off the pages with the content you want to work on, and take them with you.

You can even laminate them, create a card folio, and re-use them to save paper, and increase your fluency in variety training.

This is very much a simple way to put all of those sport, training, and fitness books to good use in your adaptive training life.

It also helps the athlete or wellness author to sell an e-book instead of a hard copy, as there is less production expense. Here, the green of the trees and the green of author profits come together.


There are times you may not consciously realize that you need or want to renew your relationship to water in your training life.

Yet water and its properties are forces of nature that are part of your physical, mental, and if you will, spiritual being.

My Denver Half Marathon Half Rainbow

follow the path of movement

Take time to recover

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Lake in a snowstorm

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Wreck-It Ralph is a good example of a guy I’d like to see the fitness world make more room for. Well, in a way, a growing fitness venue is making more room for Ralph, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

Ralph isn’t a white collar guy, so he works his knuckles to the bone every day. When Ralph gets back to the brick pile for a night of sleeping on broken masonry, he isn’t in the mood to get right back up and go to the gym for a workout. I say this makes Ralph an under-served individual with respect to the fitness industry.

Even though Ralph gets lots of strength training every day,he also has serious muscle imbalances that cause him some spasmodic pain from time to time. The tension makes it a relief for him to sleep on jagged bricks.

Ralph really likes pounding, pressing, hammering motions but doesn’t major much in lower body work, rowing motions, endurance work, or core muscles. If he had a trainer, I’m betting that trainer would remedy that situation.

Ralph doesn’t make much money. For whatever reason, society has decided that brain effort is worth more than bodily effort, sweat, joint discomfort, and moving stuff around, even though white collar work does move a lot of paper and costs around.

That is not to say that Mr. Incredible doesn’t have some of his own muscle imbalances, but he has a white collar job and can afford to go to a nice fitness club (or train yard) after hours to work out just to relieve stress imposed on him by his bean-counting boss. He could even hire a trainer, even though he chose to buy a book and train himself.

Ralph, on the other hand, can’t afford a trainer. He could buy a book, but he’d probably fall asleep reading it, wondering where he was going to find the time and motivation to do the stuff in it.

And then they opened a recreation center down the street. Ralph started walking to it after work and doing some lower body work, rowing work, and Pilates classes. Afterward, he would swim a bit and sit in the Jacuzzi. All this for about 7 to 8 dollars for a drop in fee.

Now some are calling him Rec-It-Ralph. That suits Ralph just fine. He likes the other people going there. And it’s a good thing. He was about to Pac it up and quit. Now he’s experiencing muscle balance, using better form at work, and he has muscle spasms much less often.

While over at the Rec center another thing happened. Ralph went across the courtyard to the public library and took up reading for relaxation. Before long, Ralph got interested in landscape design and horticulture. One thing led to another and Ralph went to school, and wound up getting his PhD in botany. He found he had no interest in game software engineering, and that his climbing skills proved useful in the rain forests where he discovered a vine that cures a childhood disease.

And that’s how the recreation center option gave the world the untapped talent of Wreck-It-Ralph.

Coming Unglued

When the body seems stuck together like undrained spaghetti, there is nothing quite like getting into the pool to loosen up. Maybe you’ve had a particularly grueling run, or intensive boot camp type workout, or cross-fit or any new challenge to your muscles, joints and connective tissues. Water can help.

Alternately moving, breathing and floating (relaxing) in the water is key. Whether you’re swimming or some form of aquatic exercises, consider the small price of admission well worth the benefits to flexibility, circulation, decompression and breathing.

Recreation centers are very useful, just in case you need assistance, say for example you get a cramp, or for any reason. More on that later.

unglue yourself

water required