Inspiration for Sunday

Take the windfall today and make peaceful silence, quiet words of calm, and simple warmth for those you are with.


Writing About Training Makes You Want to Train

The more I think and write about the training approach I’ve been building, the more enthusiastic I get about doing it more and writing about it less. I take this as a good sign. Except right now.

write to train, train to write

Training out the window…naw.

Use Numbers

just a few counts

no big deal

You’re not gonna train today. Bad case of inertia. Little bit tight. Some fatigue. Weather’s changing.

You’re just going to walk for 20, that’s all.

Maybe run 2.

10 slow pushups only if it feels right.

A mere 5 pull-ups and that’s it.

You’re just going through the motions today. You might count the motions, but you’re not training today because of inertia.

Enjoy the training day.