One, two, three, four…steps, reps, seconds, heartbeats, minutes, quarter hours, half hours, hours, quarter days, half days, days, weeks, months is all a continuum no matter what we are doing.

In three minutes how many arrows may be fired?

In two minutes how many hurdles may be jumped, how many yards on a track covered, how punches and kicks delivered on the bag?

In 90 seconds how many lunges, crunches, and pushups can be done?

In thirty seconds how many times can you vertical throw, catch-squat, then vertical throw a soft medicine ball?

Short intervals are lightening bolts in our training lives. The difference from lightening: we can harness this training energy. Our bodies are like the Earth and the training we do is the lightening feeding into us.

The movements, momentum, and good form matter…the pace you intuitively know is what you need to progress, i.e. to come back again tomorrow and train again.

It’s a beautiful freedom to have and use, so gratitude inspiring each day.

The Black Track Cut No Slack

IMG_6242There are tracks like this in nearly every city or town with a school or recreation center. Sometimes running in an ellipse in the summer sun is just what I need. In off-hours, frequently, no one else is there. What a great opportunity to make a training meet-up with a friend who is at a fitness level close to yours. Early mornings on a track can also be invigorating. Remember this option; it’s a good one. Use it according to your needs, fitness level, and do check with your physician if there are any known conditions for which you should get a doctor’s OK.

Today for me, this is how I used the track.

warm up: 50 body weight squats (25 half, 25 full).

Ran 12 laps (3 miles)…

One Sprint per lap, or 1/4 mile…

Eleven 50 yard sprints…

Lap 12 was a 220 meter sprint…

1 quarter mile cool down walk…

It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.6 Mile Run with Two Sprint Intervals

It was 88 degrees out today, and with the smell of firework gunpowder still with me, I ran gentle hills on asphalt in the hot summer sun. I put in two sprint intervals, both uphill. I loaded enough water before starting.

I love our country.

Happy Fourth of July!

Now Available on Amazon Kindle


Now on Kindle for $7.19

product_thumbnail10 adaptable, customizable principles, and 7 training dimensions / evolutions that provide a broad and deep base for whatever you’re training for, in sport, arts, or work. This is a book that harmonizes training philosophy and practical, very simple takeaways for sustaining a consistent, building, growing training life. Cheers!

Embrace your least favorite element of training

the open sky

the open sky

If you delve into your least favored training areas, be it endurance, primary muscle strength, core strength, or application in sports, arts, or work, you will be raising the level of your foundational condition.

Let tedium become self-training in the gift of focus.

Let hardship be your elevator.

Let slowness be your path to thoroughness in preparation, and prevention.


Storm Watch from Snowy Hills

An hour hike yesterday…

starting out

starting out

bit further along

bit further along

curious about that hilly ridge south of me

curious about that hilly ridge south of me

where the hike went off trail uphill to the south

where the hike went off trail uphill to the south

gained a hill shoulder, looking west into the storm...

gained a hill shoulder, looking west into the storm…

and east toward the plains

and east toward the plains

found a snow dune

found a snow dune

and a volcanic rock, a bomb from some ancient eruption or a meteorite or a foreign rock brought in by an old rancher as a joke on passers-by

and a volcanic rock, a bomb from some ancient eruption or a meteorite or a foreign rock brought in by an old rancher as a joke on passers-by

backtracking east to the curious ridge
backtracking east to the curious ridge

back west, snow dunes from above and the mountain storm
back west, snow dunes from above and the mountain storm


and the contrasting west

and the contrasting west

the curious ridge is edge of a flattop hill

the curious ridge is edge of a flattop hill



storm views, a frozen lake from the top

storm views, a frozen lake from the top

Country Road Take Me Home, OR Five.Oh.2 after Week of Adaptive Immune System Training


Ran the fine country and ranch roads of Northern Colorado in the cool, sunshiney air and logged 5.02 miles.

The run felt humble in phases, especially during intervals in which I stepped up my pace, however, finishing I felt immediately better and recovered quickly. I think this bug is about gone.

You know how it is when you think it’s gone, you’re trying to tell someone something, and the mere intake of air to speak draws a cough, and you feel like your 400 years old because of it. Still, it didn’t make me feel like staying home today and eating gobs of hot salsa with chips and drinking 400 gallons of water.

Yesterday, though, it did make me feel like eating medium hot Thai fried rice, a veggie spring roll, and a pot of hot green tea. Later, invited out yet again, dinner involved Miso soup and a small flask of hot sake. These are comforting substances at the end of a virus.

Also comforting was letting garlic flakes sit on the back of my tongue, and sort of marinate and waft through the upper respiratory tract with the believed knowledge that garlic is a natural antibiotic. Anecdotally I felt less inflammation around the cough zone in my throat after trying that.

I think we both know you’ve heard enough. I’m just glad you stop by from time to time. It’s a privilege for this writer.

7-mile hike and run on Chicago Lakes Trail


This hike started out with running intervals. On one of those I lost footing on a gravelly down slope. I nailed my barefoot running shoe on a sharp, fixed rock trying to catch myself. It bruised my foot good. I’m grateful that is all it did.

For our magenta flower lovers.

For our magenta flower lovers.

IMG_7935IMG_7961I started at 10,600 feet at Echo Lake. I turned around at mile 3.5 to make a 7 mile run-hike. Below is my foot:

it was already ugly.

it was already ugly.

Five Rounds with the Heavy Bag

Yesterday’s training in the Mind-Body-Sport dimension.

Continuous punching is key. Stay moving in between rounds. For progressions, increase punching rate, power, intensity, speed throughout rounds. This gradually warms the joints and muscles, taking more impact as you go. If you don’t know how to punch, boxing gyms are good about teaching fundamentals.

Wrap the hands well to support wrists and cushion the bones of the hand. Snug, not circulation-cutting. The wraps I have are dummy-proof, with text on them saying “this side down,” a thumb loop, and self-secured with Velcro (TM). Put heavy bag or other striking gloves on, set your timer and have at it.

Today is Mountain. The plan is interval hiking-running. Will bring a camera and record the high points. Let me know with comments if you prefer detailed trip reports, or just highlights.


3.6 Twilight Rainy Running Interval Fit Into Family Camping Debut

Twilight Running in the Forest

Twilight Running in the Forest

Fitting In

Fitting In



Terrain: Mountain

Elevation: 10,000 Feet

Distance: 3.6 Miles

Time: Twilight after Sundown

Conditions: Rainy

Temps: 40’s Fahrenheit.

Priority: Last. Family-firsts came first, and therein, this writer’s personal, adaptive training purpose-growth.

Special Occasions: First family camp-out with our girl, first-time fishing with her, first-time rainy camp-out, first-time camp-out for dog, and first tent construction and fire build with my daughter, and first tent take down in the rain with my better half. Joyous experiences.

Tag-Team Family Training Principle: Covered for my spouse, enabling her time to hike and run without distraction, a rarity for her. In a setting away from home (absent the familiar rationales) one who writes about accessible training for others, for self, and tests these principles, faces own selfishness. The practice emerges with greater focus away from home, evangelized by reflection in a tent, and by a fire, symbolizing the burning away of my rationales.

Team Member Check: Ceded nutrition lead to spouse, whose professional vocational training, research, and intrinsic discipline better fills the nutritional knowledge role between us, as I pursue the adaptive personal fitness focus. Teams and their members share ownership. A family must choose teamwork, every member contributing, and every member respecting the others’ contributions. A dedicated zone of listening to the expertise and role, an area that calls us to expand this mutuality, and harmony.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, a wonderful place, and joy in the rain.

7.55 Hike with Sprint Intervals with a fellow Writer…

On Walker Loop Trail, he whose laziness left his i-Phone in that little top pocket of his Camelback(TM) found rescue in Hiking-to-Healthy’s blog, who is one of you: the diligent, the excellers, the mountain movers who visit this blog and make it real…

We worked in some boulder scrambles, and each used a fallen pine tree trunk as a power lifting prop. We counted ourselves successful just to budge it several inches off the slope. The oxygen debt from sprinting on a mountain grade was humbling in a way that made one-minute’s recovery seem to slow down in time.

Here’s one of several shots from Hiking-to-Healthy’s earlier and thorough photo-journal capture of Walker Loop Trail:

Click on this and you’ll hyperspace to Hiking-to-Healthy’s blog, the illustrious Rocky Mountain hiking team whose trail and summit journals are some of the highest quality on the net.

Now Available at Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness

It’s official. Click on the book cover icon at the upper right side of this screen, and you can go there. The E-book will be available in about one week. For now, it is print on demand, with some extra cost of production. I tried to set as reasonable a print price as possible considering all factors. You can also click here:

Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness

Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness

Coming May 31st: Available in outlets including B&N, I-Books, and more

Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness

Ten principles and seven dimensions of adaptive training, conditioning, and mental training for sport, arts, and work.

Farm Your Training Day contains ten principles and seven dimensions of adaptive training, conditioning, and mental training for sport, physical arts, and work. Available through outlets by the end of May 2013. Please link your family, friends, acquaintances, networks, and anyone you believe may benefit from sustainable fitness principles and applications toward a fulfilling training life, for life.

May your Memorial Day weekend be peaceful as you reflect on our fallen who have kept the peace for so many generations.


Tip for Runners to Enhance Their Strength Training Experience

photoRunners may avoid weight resistance training because it feels too slow, is usually indoors, and seems to lack the respiratory, skin pore, and circulatory opening that comes with dedicated running.

Here’s a simple approach you may have forgotten: Buffer your strength training exercises with jump rope intervals. This will help you work on your calve muscle strength while opening your lungs, heart and skin pores. Boxers do road work, weight resistance, and plenty of jump roping with good results. You can too.

Entering the Stream of Footsteps for 7 MI

By the end of my Half Marathon in 2012 Paul Bunyan, aka Bunion had stepped on the inside of my foot near the right toe. The right foot already had deformities in the toes and a neuroma from hiking and running in bad-fitting boots in another life. So after that race, having found shoes that let my feet splay out when running, I set out to reform and heal my feet.

Conveniently I’d also been working on the book in most spare moments, so that helped some. I continue working on final details, permissions and some additions that come to mind as I work on how the chapters harmonize. I am not slogging away over long writing sessions from the wee hours to the rising of the sun anymore, and for now I am grateful for that. The hardest part of making the deadline push to finish this book has been wanting to train as before, with writing something I fit in here and there. I feel like a kid longing for recess.

The 7 miles, run with fast intervals, was only one and a half minutes off my half marathon pace after laying off of serious running for a few months. I believe short, high intensity intervals I’ve done in between have helped.

Mountain Trail Run: Glory of Fall

barefoot shoes really stick to fixed boulders

interval hike and run up, up, up, run down…

Today called for an incline.

A rocky trail with nimble barefoot shoes is a fun place to move over in hike-run intervals.

Something to justify sitting down later on for writing and editing my book.

The training felt great, and I made it down before dark.

Yet another dimension. It could have been an asphalt hill.

It could have been a stadium of stairs.

Find your incline and you’ll be so inclined.

Have a wonderful start of your week.

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Treadmill

good night treadmillYesterday was sport and later, speed. The earlier training spot for 30 minutes boosted energy levels.

Using tenths of miles on a treadmill, I’d run a moderate pace for 1/10, and a fast pace for another 1/10 mile, increasing both incrementally.

Continuous and graduated interval training is a power generator for the whole person.

Things Are Looking Up: Taking Intervals Into the Mountain Zone

When a windfall time bloc opened up my Saturday morning, I was on the road for the mountains by 6AM. Snow fog and freezing drizzle cut visibility in the foothills and I nearly turned around. In another ten minutes, the clouds started breaking. It was a blue sky day above 10,000 feet, although it was below freezing with some winds, so I layered up.

You may have hills where you live. You may have only one hill where you live. Your only hill might even be your driveway. Or maybe a setting on a treadmill. It’s no matter. In my mind, any incline you can go up may be classified as your mountain zone. Bleachers, stairs, stadiums and grass hillocks can work well too. We can be resourceful.

Today I ran intervals on slight inclines, levels and downhills, and hiked the steeper, rockier or trickier terrain. There was more hiking than running, but like a good training entree, we season subtly. We don’t dump the whole canister of salt in the training soup that makes up our very interesting training lives.

Today I was able to interval hike-run 6 miles, gaining about 1500 feet, carrying a light 20 pound pack. I took 2 Gu Energy packs, 1 Tuna package, a hydration system with a few liters, and planned my time frame according to my supplies. It was a great time. I saw two quiet Ptarmigans, bubbling brooks, soaring cliffs and spires, and massifs all around.

When I am on flat land, I see mountains in the clouds, or depth and height in the skies. Inspirational perspectives are everywhere to be found.

SAFETY: Consider that training in high mountain elevations and backcountry carries with it serious risks and dangers to those who are prepared much less those who are underprepared or unknowledgeable. Get a check up with your doctor clearing you for exertion at altitude, and get training for movement in the mountains. Go out with certified mountain guides. If you can’t afford that, go with more experienced hikers and / or mountaineers. Meanwhile, most mountain clubs recommend “Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills” as a classic introduction to mountaineering. See my Good Reads link.

Be extra observant, know where you are, where you’re going, tell a few people your planned route, sign trailhead registers, even tell rangers in the district you’re hiking in. START EARLY and PLAN AHEAD. Dress in layers of wicking fabrics, not cotton, or else sweat will build up in your clothes and freeze if you get into some cold weather. You’ll need extra water, enough appropriate food, a first aid kit and means of communication.

After all of that, I’m sure you’re happy with your driveway, treadmill or stairs. For me, it’s worth the tedious preparation, and that becomes more routine also. Hills and mountains are a great resource. I hope your weekend has been so good you can’t put it to words.

an underrated experience