Sustainable Fitness Must Be Sowed, Worked, Nourished, and Harvested Season to Season


The question is not whether any one of us is fat or thin. The question is what are you doing? What am I doing?

Truth shines bright and hurts our eyes at first. As we warm to the fire of truth-told-to-self, inner resolve lifts our spirits to retrain ourselves to health, function, and ever greater performance in the physical life we lead and want to lead. We can do a little, then a little more, then a little more, and before long, we’re gliding, then flying, and one day, we may soar.

More and more often, when we ask the question “what am I doing” we will find ourselves training, eating, drinking, and sleeping wisely. We will find ourselves improving at all things physical that we want to do.

Excerpt from Chapter on Gradualism


As editing and publishing continues on The Independent Athlete, I wanted to share a preview of some of the content:

Increments. Training increments help us measure what we do, what we are ready for and gauge our next increase or decrease. Increments may be in time, movements, distance units, pounds, kilos, and so on. Incremental can also mean breaking training movements into sub- units, to work on form, to get around temporary physical limitations. Fractional movements, numbers, weights, distances or time can be big. They can get us training again; build momentum; and lead to greater gains tomorrow. Sustainable heating systems start with tiny sparks.