Marshall Your Financial Forces Against Ebola Virus and Crowdfund It Faster than It Kills: Donate Against The Unthinkable

Medical authorities now talk about Ebola virus epidemic in Africa as a fast mutating executioner gaining apocalyptic momentum the longer the collective world response remains insufficient.

Donate and spread the word on your Blogs — Reblog this, Facebook it, Tweet-it, and recognize this is a fight for the children of West Africa, and a fight to prevent overwhelmed health infrastructures leading to mass death across the world.

Give to:

CDC Global Disaster Response Fund

Americares Emergency Response Fund (Medical Supplies to Help Make Quarantine Operations Work)

Doctor’s Without Borders Emergency Ebola Response

Feed My Starving Children: Put Sierra Leone or Liberia for Food Relief under “Additional Information.”

See if your employer can send a matching donation. The time to donate is not after the virus mutates into an airborne threat, or after it has made it outside of West Africa into a new population without the infrastructure to isolate and quash it.

Progress: France Sends Team to Screen for Ebola at Conraky Airport

As noted at my other blog, Politically Well, today, Saturday, came the following report of a more intelligent approach to screening would-be airline passengers departing Conraky, Guinea, a live Ebola virus hot zone. France quickly concluded sometime overnight that they should do that screening before patients get on flights from Conraky to France.

Hopefully we will see all other nation-states with flight destinations from West African nations with live Ebola outbreaks sending airport monitoring teams with quarantine capability to screen would-be passengers heading to all destinations.

One may question whether this approach is chauvinistic. Not at all. If the nations providing help with the West African outbreak themselves become entangled in ebola outbreaks at their own airports and beyond, that could slow or even dry up help for West Africa.

When it comes to contagious, catastrophic viruses, the world is one.