Updated: Remembering September Eleventh


On September 11, 2001 a relatively small band of traveling criminals pushed history toward evil times. That so small a number could do this should inspire us that historic change in the positive can also take place because of the good works of a small number.

It is the truth. In this truth I believe many may find the purpose of their adaptive fitness lives. To prepare their bodies and minds for what they know, and for what they cannot predict, and so be ready to put in a sound response to the challenge of any given day.

It could be any ordinary day, to set in motion extraordinary change, or, to avert negative changes. Adaptive training goes beyond fitness to excellence in functional capability for the many who would improve their service to others wherever and however they serve the good of humankind.

Adaptive fitness expands the definition of athleticism to go beyond sports, games, and races and into whatever challenge may come.

Boston: Prayers and Thoughts

Is it time to play hardball again?
–Photo linked from 9 News

Today terrorists (of whatever ilk or crazy ideology) took another shot at American freedom by bombing the Boston Marathon.

None of us will quit on freedom, not now, not ever. We love America and our fellow Americans. Maybe you know someone who hates or talks-up hating this wonderful country. There are too many blaming the US for defending itself after 1,000 times the people killed in Boston were killed on 9-11-01. One innocent life is too many.

Prayers tonight from here go out for the runners, families, bystanders, and people whose lives were changed forever today.