Return to Blogging with Biweekly Estimate


Good to be back! Wishing all well.

The training never stopped, just the blogging. Back on now, with new businesses underway, and G2G Fit LLC’s evolution also underway. Where are we going? Stay tuned is all I can say!

A new book is in the planning stages, with a re-titling and shortening of the first book.

The new book is a secret project, unique in concept. Look forward to the process.

Also I look forward to stopping in more to see others’ training, running, sport, and expedition blogs. Cheers, everyone!

If you’ve read the book “Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness”…

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About Adaptive Fitness (Hint: One of the Principles is called Interval Farming)

Sept 2006 Aspen mixed forest ground0001Adaptive fitness means owning your physical training life and ending co-dependence on unsustainable, packaged dieting and fitness hype. Learn ten principles to help rewire yourself to train adaptively, consistently, and thoroughly for life. Seven training dimensions expand your training spaces. Spread the word to everyone who wants a sea change in their physical conditioning, sport, art, or work life…

Farm Your Training Day!

Offering a Book Discount in Honor of my Fellow WordPressers

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Entering the Stream of Footsteps for 7 MI

By the end of my Half Marathon in 2012 Paul Bunyan, aka Bunion had stepped on the inside of my foot near the right toe. The right foot already had deformities in the toes and a neuroma from hiking and running in bad-fitting boots in another life. So after that race, having found shoes that let my feet splay out when running, I set out to reform and heal my feet.

Conveniently I’d also been working on the book in most spare moments, so that helped some. I continue working on final details, permissions and some additions that come to mind as I work on how the chapters harmonize. I am not slogging away over long writing sessions from the wee hours to the rising of the sun anymore, and for now I am grateful for that. The hardest part of making the deadline push to finish this book has been wanting to train as before, with writing something I fit in here and there. I feel like a kid longing for recess.

The 7 miles, run with fast intervals, was only one and a half minutes off my half marathon pace after laying off of serious running for a few months. I believe short, high intensity intervals I’ve done in between have helped.

Done with Book awaiting Permissions for citations into February 2013

“The Independent Athlete” is complete. FYI: For strategic and tactical reasons, that is not its real title. It’s been fun coming up with titles, from boring and technical to rugged and simple, but it really wouldn’t be prudent to jump too far in front with the real deal.

I am still awaiting permissions on citations and attributions I have included in the book. This will delay publication into February 2013, however, since Microsoft Corporation can delay a product release, I guess I can delay a book release for the same month.

How’s that for rationalization and band-wagon-speak?

I’ve been absorbed and probably will be for another few weeks, however, look forward to the fluidity of interacting with your blogs and training topics as before. I’ve missed that.

May your training be so Pacific and nourishing as to elevate you every morning, and tuck you in for sound sleep every night.