Legal Stuffing

Your Well Being: Physical conditioning, fitness, sports, arts, and physical work are activities with an inherent risk of injury, pain, and sometimes, death. Clear your intended exercises and exercise regimes with your personal physician before attempting same. In addition, do not attempt any exercise without (1) first obtaining expert guidance as to proper form and safety; and, (2) that you would not attempt for medical or any other reasons.

You agree by viewing this WordPress blog and associated G2G Fit, LLC content, that you undertake sports, conditioning, fitness, and leisure activities solely at your own risk and are responsible for obtaining

(1) your health care providers’ clearance to do the training you intend or would entertain, and

(2) hands-on instruction in safe methods.

Property: All images and content are the property of G2G Fit, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability Company unless otherwise specified as to links, embeds, guest posts. All rights reserved. Intellectual property rights of guest or embedded content is as determined by the owners of said content and may be found at the linked website.


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