Mountain Dimension: 8.2 Mile Road and Trail Run at Eldorado Canyon State Park

ran up the road at the canyon base, then joined Fowler trail and doubled back up on the mountainside (see trail opposite the climber) …there were climbers on the rock today and the natural springs pool was packed with whooping, hollering, happy people escaping the heat…saw a lot of smiling people today.

Parked Eldorado Canyon corner store at Highway 93 and ran up Highway 170 through Eldorado Springs, a climber’s haven. Passed through town, past the sheer cliffs, and found Fowler Trail, running it back down to join back up with Highway 170 then back to start. The run was a little over 8 miles, about 50% road and 50% trail.

Your Canadian Geese…

IMG_6489 IMG_6490 IMG_6495

said i to Jeremy Nathan Marks in his vast snow fogged land…

Your Canadian Geese came a-calling today, so many, and so loud they were like a winged Army shouting up above…my dog and I looked at each other and shrugged at the wonder.