“What are you training for?”

img_8324.jpgWhat are you training for?

The question for most is a genuine question, i.e. they’re interested in your life and what you’re interested in. “What are you training for?”

Occasionally, the question is a comparison play in a category with: What kind of car do you drive? What zip code do you live in? What brand is it? What school did you go to? In the ego realm, they may as well ask, what’s your value on paper?

Using the “farming” sense of sustainable fitness, imagine someone asking a farmer out in the field or in town at the general store, what are you working so hard for?

Farming is a way of life, which is to say “life.”

So if you feel on the spot one day when someone asks you what you’re training for, i.e. you have no special event coming up, it would be just as true to answer “for life” as anything else.

If you are training for an upcoming event, a race, a match, a game or a season, it is part of your life. If you are training for you know not what, but the experience and state of progressing, preparation, and readiness are just as real, then what else are you training for but whatever life throws at you?

And the life experience of “training” the body and mind to be more fit, faster, more agile, and ready for anything is itself a big event. The joy is as much in the doing, the preparation as in the event.

And that’s the whole point of being the farmer of your own fitness — to catalyze the joy of getting out there and in there, into the moving, living universe.


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