Run, Hike, Walk, Behold: Mix It Up

As it happens, when I wrote my last post with the plan of writing biweekly, business endeavors long in the making — no kidding, there were others primary to this book — kicked into higher gear.

And I disappeared. Yet you all visited to encourage me on. Thanks, and I will look forward to catching up with you also.

Still living my training days…still following the path of adaptive, multi-dimensional training. Still remembering the days in 2007 when I began observing training needs in people, and studying, and formulating a written way that others could own to resolve their training lives; training for life, for sport, art, or work…

Will endeavor to drop in more often, and perhaps allow the posts themselves to determine their frequency. Some places along the training way…


6 thoughts on “Run, Hike, Walk, Behold: Mix It Up

  1. So great to see you writing again, Mike, and glad to hear all is well. I’m doing great as well–running again and trying to add some strength training and lots of yoga to the mix. Life is good!

  2. It happens my friend. We get busy with so many things sometimes the blog takes the hit. I have done the same thing every now and again. Good knowing things are still working out for you and you are still around.

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