Blog Title Rename is after Company Name

As I work on re-titling the book and republishing, the first interim change will be to use my fitness publications company name for the blog title.

G2G Fit, LLC is the company name.

The company’s pending Trademark, “Fitness that adapts stays with you,” has been in use for several years and has now been approved by the USPTO for publication in that office’s Official Gazette on Sep 2, 2014.

The plot thickens.

Thank you to all of you who engaged on the title question to date!

6 thoughts on “Blog Title Rename is after Company Name

    • I think it depends on what you’re submitting as your mark, and how you submit it. There are stronger and weaker marks from the perspective of weathering claims. This one is a specific phrase or slogan which is fairly easy to test using text searches. Hang in there. The USPTO website has some very good video presentations on choosing a mark, and the process. It took me about four plus months to get to this point. Did you apply online?

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