Men, Fathers, and Future Fathers

be a rock

be a rock

Be a rock for your wife and kids.

And loving.

A loving rock.

Just a thought I had about what good advice I would give if asked.

6 thoughts on “Men, Fathers, and Future Fathers

  1. It is great advice! I pay attention to Fathers more now than ever. I had two Dads, three brothers, an Ex and my son, who is a Father to two daughters. I tell him everything I have learned over all these years and observing the great and the not so great things that Fathers do. Most times the not so great stuff was done unintentionally and that is the way I tell him.

    • As in many areas of life, many people simply do not believe that they can be better. Were that true, everything would break down. We’re a people who will disintegrate if we cease to believe we can tackle problems and be better. Daughters are priceless and fathers sometimes feel powerless to reach them. And yet somehow the bridge is made.

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