900 Today

Blogging has been sitting on a back burner…lots of work, and professional continuing-ed at present…

Today: Nine-hundred strength training exercise movements 60% External WR. 40% Bodyweight WR.

2-days ago: Vehicle Push-Pull.

Hike four days ago.

Soccer Scrimmage five days ago.


2 thoughts on “900 Today

  1. Welcome back! Hope all is well and you’re getting that mandatory continuing ed checked off the list! That is SO many strength training exercise movements! Makes me blush at my little ol’ number–but really it keeps me motivated! Take care!

    • Great to hear from you. There are other days with not so many…but some. I don’t post about those just because some readers might not understand the philosophy of adaptiveness from the book.

      Lots of diversity in the bigger numbers, and plenty of body-weight so as not to over-train any given muscle!

      Must come by and catch up on happenings at HSD!

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