Fresh, raw, chopped, thoroughly washed organic asparagus
Braised to warm in olive oil
Toss in 3 eggs and scramble them all around the asparagus
Sprinkle on grated cheese of choice (here finely grated mozzarella)
Sprinkle on Thyme
Serve Eggsparagus

…another version of eggsparagus:

Enjoy with a Kale-Mango smoothie? Water? Enjoy and pretend the gift of food makes it your birthday! Pictured are leftover napkins from a birthday some weeks ago!

6 thoughts on “Eggsparagus

  1. I love a kale mango smoothie! Forget the salads, I’ve been drinking my greens! Lately, I’ve been really blown away by all that an egg yolk contains. (Why I should be I have no idea–I mean it is the nutrients for a developing creature so it needs to have everything in there!)

    • Amazing too how many dishes can be made with egg. Just saw a piece in Wall Street Journal Personal section on the variety of egg, and got inspired. Hope you are feeling great and enjoying the Spring, Doc!

    • Have had it grilled, with another as the cook and liked it. It’s a wonder too. When I was growing up we ate it out of cans. It was the consistency of jello with a few memories of texture and fiber in it. When I ate near-raw asparagus, lightly braised or grilled, I thought, “What in ‘ell did they do to that asparagus in the can?”

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