Embrace your least favorite element of training

the open sky

the open sky

If you delve into your least favored training areas, be it endurance, primary muscle strength, core strength, or application in sports, arts, or work, you will be raising the level of your foundational condition.

Let tedium become self-training in the gift of focus.

Let hardship be your elevator.

Let slowness be your path to thoroughness in preparation, and prevention.


10 thoughts on “Embrace your least favorite element of training

    • Wonderful to hear from you. I hope you’re feeling fine, and that everyone is enjoying a peaceful Spring around your place. I’m happy to feel some warmer days now!

    • That is great news. Congratulations on your new beginning! Performance will come with consistency. You will be in charge of the rate and pace of it. Use interval training to move up gradually in endurance work. You will build an amazing foundation in your training life, and it will all be an investment in future, lifelong accomplishments.

    • Thanks for saying so! I think things are more positive stated in terms in which the growth factors are in our participatory control…when others dictate what we do, or contracts, or ruts, we lose interest…no one else can see through our full development this side of life.

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