Review: Leather Medicine Balls

After some comparison shopping, I decided on a brand and type of leather medicine ball for all-around training purposes. I have not been paid for this short review.

Here is a close-up.:

These are called TITLE Classic Leather Max-Grip Medicine Balls. The synthetic leather segments alternate with tacky, pliable rubber segments with similar give and rebound. These were on sale at the time at TITLE’s online store. These medicine balls have written on them “Made In India,” which of course suggests that manufacturing them overseas is still more cost-effective than doing so in the US.

These medicine balls are not as soft as the natural leather medicine balls that cost hundreds of dollars each, and sometimes more, but the softness of their price makes up for what they give up to the natural leather. However, the synthetic leather and rubber are soft enough to do medicine ball throw and catch work that does not bruise or redden muscles or skin as some harder, all rubber fast-twitch medicine balls might. These medicine balls are boxing tools that can work the whole body.

These bounce off the body without bouncing away, providing opportunities for combination impact and unorthodox weight resistance mixed with impact. These balls don’t bounce off the gym floor, however. That is not their first purpose.

I wanted a classic medicine ball feel that gives with hand pressure, impact, and catching. When thrown and caught, or dropped on one’s abdominal wall for impact training, these medicine balls performed as classic boxing medicine balls should.

In using any athletic equipment, first obtain clearance for its use from your medical provider before training. Also obtain training guidance on how to use it. Impact training and medicine ball training may not be for everyone. You may not have similar results to me or anyone else. You use the reviewed medicine balls at your own risk, and this writer makes no representations that they will suit or satisfy any given buyer. Use common sense safety precautions when training with medicine balls or other sports equipment.


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