Available Soon on Amazon Kindle: Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness


It’s an applied philosophy book with lifelong principles to take with you, practical idea catalysts for you to customize your training life, with enough depth and breadth to remain a long term resource.

10 thoughts on “Available Soon on Amazon Kindle: Farm Your Training Day: An American Dream of Sustainable Personal Fitness

  1. I have purchased and am reading this book! It is very insightful, reinforcing fitness as LIFE–not as a job to be done and crossed off the list for the day. This is the way to teach the mind to think about exercise!

    • Thank you immeasurably! Your intelligent reading I value highly. Sorry about the Yoda syntax. I’m not that wise! May there be much improvement on the content from your customization!

  2. My timing is just bad. I just got your book from Amazon of Friday. Although, I am liking the reading of a “real” book for a change. I just finished chapter 2 last night. Great stuff! Will let you know as I go along.

    • Thank you so much. Your impressions mean a lot, and I hope that you find this book has something in it for you, and others too. I’m pleased you are engaging the thoughts there, and hope you improve on them in your own applied practice!

      • On chapter 6 and loving the ideas you have in the book. I started my journal, missed yesterday because it is what I do. My bad. I do my counter pushups while waiting in the kitchen, squats all the time. I need to put my weights out so I see them and don’t forget. Will keep you updated.

      • That is great! Journal when it works, and when it slows you down, bypass it until ready to write again. Lose momentum, journal about it. Obtain unprecedented momentum and consistency, journal about that too. Some days, don’t journal until reviewing insights several pages back to sight-in those insights too. I’m sight oriented too, and am working on developing my feel for any given training opportunity, when to journal, etc.. I’m so pleased to hear a shared experience on this. Thank you Deb!.

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