The Go-To Trail, Run, Ride, evolution…

Priorities yesterday precluded a trip to the mountains. And that is the time for one of my Go-To Trails in the hills.

A Go-To (hike, run, ride, routine) is a friend to you and your training days. This friend can enrich your life and make you more consistent. You may see your go-to as a “done that,” yet they are really more like snowflakes.

So yesterday I went to an open space at the edge of a nearby hillside neighborhood with a wonderful view of the place I couldn’t get to: the mountains. There, I start high, go low, then return high up hill. I hiked the downhills, and ran the uphills and flats.

I found new game trail loops, a section of oil and gas service road, and soft, green grass vistas. The ground was softened by recently melted snow. It was about 50F out.

Started with about 30 minutes of sun left, and the hundreds of red winged blackbirds in the wetland draws riving these hills were singing their hearts out. As soon as the sun was patently behind the mountains they all went totally silent.

My Go-To was not what I expected. It was better.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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