off-road shoes see first action

Brooks Cascadians

Brooks Cascadians…

A Brooks shoe that finally has a toe box wide enough for me is a trail runner. It pairs up with my Altra Torins for road running. These two pairs make my feet happy for road and dirt running days ahead. The Merrell Barefoots were worn out on the sole, and did not repel the sharper rock impacts from the deep tissues of the foot.

If I don’t blog more about these shoes, you can assume they’re doing their job!

May your running-training days be timeless and full of light.

14 thoughts on “off-road shoes see first action

    • gotta have fit with your mileages…something that seems insignificant in the fitting floor becomes a weapon against your foot going marathon plus distances…

      when trying on Cascadians I tried on a new shoe out of Boulder called Newtons…using a lug-tread system aligned with your metatarsals…looked great, but they only had them in alien-slaughter bright green.

  1. I bought a pair of Vivobarefoot Trail Runners in December and have worn them with thick wool socks during the Polar Vortex in NE Wisconsin. I love them! Big toe box. My go-to shoes during the warm months have been Five Finger Bikilas but I am hoping these work. I also like these because of the tread on the bottom. So much more substantial than my other shoes.

    • There are so many new shoe makers getting into the fray, it is a challenge to keep up. Do the Vivobarefoot’s have a bite in the tread for ice and snow, or do you strap on cleats or crampons?

      • There is a bit of bite in them. I still slip on bare ice so stay to the side of the roads or the trails. Maybe they will be pictured in my blog tonight as I told myself I want to post every day in March and run out of “stuff” to put out there. I bought them after reading one of Alan’s posts.

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