13 thoughts on “your higher place (with Pinball Wizard accompaniment)

  1. Our blind ski program has some “wizards “. Loved this. Love the times when I am loose in my skiing and everything comes together. Sometimes I can. ” sure play a mean pinball.” Loose with no distractions.

  2. Smiled when I saw your post this morning. My husband was watching The Who in concert on TV last night and I remembered the woman I used to babysit for talking about the movie Tommy.

    • Glad for the smile! I remember this very album cover my brother had. The story throughout the album was something. When those big 33 records used to be the standard, there was a lot more room for album art and for a kid rifling through his brother’s record collection, that was part of the fun. Back then, anyway.

    • Totally believe it; everyone has that special something. We watched “Fiddler on the Roof” again this past weekend. The young tailor Motl, he was poor, and would eke out a living as a tailor, but he was dedicated, and most of all, his heart for Tzeitel (sp?) was true. And Reb Tevye, he was a rich man because of how he loved his daughters, and how they loved him too. Maybe there were many who ‘only’ saw a milkman. What a film.

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