10 Reasons to Love Interval Training

Suppose you don’t like the cold — downright averse to it. Winter Schminter you mutter…well here is inspiration for you, awaiting you at your local recreation center pool, and by analogy, applicable to all training for all endurance sports…A GREAT piece on the power of intervals.

The WaterBlogged Triathlete

We believe that interval training offers some serious benefits to triathletes and that fast swimming can be smart swimming. The following are the top ten reasons  that we love interval training:

  1. Interval training allows you to swim at a faster pace than you could maintain for a greater distance. Eventually, interval training will help you swim at a faster pace for a longer amount of time.
  2. Interval trainingteaches your body to respond to stress, and helps your body become more efficient at flushing lactic acid from your system.
  3. Interval trainingis mentally refreshing, as workouts constantly shift focus between fast swimming and either active or passive rest.
  4. Interval trainingdoesn’t require fancy or expensive training equipment.
  5. Interval trainingwill make you tough. Pushing your body outside of your comfort zone will teach you to work through the pain of a challenging workout and help you prepare for the challenges…

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