At Below Zero Soup’s a Hero

When it’s like this outside…
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3You Need Something Like This Inside…

photo 4

organic vegetable and chicken broth (whatever you prefer); sparing on the noodles; carrot, red onion slices earlier in the simmer; orange and red mild peppers and garlic mid-simmer; and cherry tomatoes plus milled flax seed and a can of organic unsalted black beans; spice as desired, I used sea salt; olive oil splash at the end…turned out nice! [DO FOLLOW YOUR OWN DIETARY RESTRICTIONS AND OMIT WHAT YOU AND YOUR DOC’S HAVE RULED OUT!]

9 thoughts on “At Below Zero Soup’s a Hero

  1. Two days ago I wanted soup without chopping for once! So I saw all those precut veggies at the supermarket and grabbed 2-3 different ones and threw them all together in a pot with some spices and broth (ended up being leeks, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, beef broth, garlic, s and p, parsley). That was the easiest soup ever. Today, I’m going to blend the leftovers and add some new spices and maybe some milk (coconut milk for us).

    • That’s a useful tip for soup from the produce section. Busy people can still make a healthy soup with a short trip to one section in the store. I’ve read that chicken broth has content that boosts production or effectiveness in an immune cell. Can’t remember which, but with all the bugs rounding world, we can use it!

      • I think so. There are some good protein type topics to look into, and natural nutritional emphases that some studies say may help with testosterone uptake, or keep levels at capacity (non-suppressive) etc., which goes toward natural muscle building. The other is changing body chemistry from processed, refined, hopelessly sodium and sugar laced Frankenstein food and doing what many speak of here: eat clean.

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