Winter Training: Light and Heat

Clouds Take on Light and Heat

Clouds Take on Light and Heat

Many times we shrink from cold weather training because, well, it’s cold out there and we feel chilled, or we imagine what discomfort we will encounter in coldness.

However, like clouds, our water rich bodies transfer heat and light energy, even use them to make nutrients.

We generate heat. Movement circulates it, and enlivens us with it.

If I spend a few hours writing and editing on a winter afternoon, I often notice my hands are cool. If I go outside in the freezing temperatures layered-up to train or labor, when I come back in, for a good long while my hands are warm and very comfortable.

6 thoughts on “Winter Training: Light and Heat

  1. I think the number one way to get sick is to never go outside when it’s cold. Exposure to the elements is key to health and livelihood. At least that’s always been my experience.

    • I’m glad you put it that way. It’s a nearly opposite truth to a feeling.

      I’ve sometimes wondered if the brain interprets winter cold and gloom with the cold of nighttime, responding with a sleeping-in approach to the night sense of it. Poor sleep more than cold brings immune function low.

  2. I just was thinking the same as I was making a skating rink on the lake and shoveling snow. I was quite toasty warm for a long time after coming inside and it is a wonderfully energizing feeling when the face that has been slightly nipped by the cold.

    • What a perfect example. The snow shovel is moving this morning, the light in the snow shining all around, the weight of water challenging each pitch. It’s so great.

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