10 thoughts on “Fast Uphill Mesa Hike, Run Down, Smell the Snowstorm Comin’ (with some windblown video)

    • It’s kind of you to say so! Love your blog post the other day. Had me laughing and remembering that special time. I remember those hunger pangs my wife had and how Kefir was a winner. Kefir is yogurt milk.

      • “No dairy for Terri” is the slogan at our house. I’ve tried every type to see if I could tolerate it–except kefir (well, and camel milk!). But I felt like I should make my own rather than buy it and I never broke down and bought kefir grains. Did you guys make your own or buy some?

      • Well, Kefir was the brand, and when I couldn’t find it, I found a yogurt milk made by the local organic dairy, and that worked wonders. Although, she’s not lactose intolerant or anything. Making it myself, sounds ambitious. You know how?

      • I have seen that brand; it is the brand our store carries. I have read how to do it, and I have friends who do it. But you have to have the special “kefir” grains. We make our own yogurt. We all like it best! (Except I try to keep my hands off–dairy in the past has always given me, strangely, a bad headache. Weird.) I’ve done a lot of ambitious, old-fashioned type things on this diet :-). I always make my broth. We eat the organ meats. I make my own sauerkraut. Made our own coconut/almond milk. Etc. Sorry to ramble on!

      • Not at all. Excellent cross sharing of information others may benefit from. Your blog and comments here are real resources. Glad you’re here.

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