11 of the BEST Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes!

This man’s blog says it well, and helps me find a way to give honor.

Everyday Power Blog

Nice-Life-Quotes-Thoughts-Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-624x528Martin Luther King Jr., is a legend who needs no introduction. He is the definition of alignment, as he practiced what he preached – day in and day out. His life was not dedicated to fame, fortune or popularity – it was dedicated to justice and impact. MLK will always be remembered as someone who fought hate with love – and won. Who fought violence with peace – and won. And who successfully provided light in the darkest of places. He used his words and actions to change the thinking and behavior of millions. Not to mention, he never let the fear of anything..even death, get in his way, slow him down or distract him from his mission. He is a true inspiration.
There are so many amazing quotes by MLK, but I decided to focus on 11. Here are 11 of the BEST (in my humble opinion) MLK quotes…

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