650 Bodyweight Watching an Inspirational Training Clip

One way to train inspirationally: 650 muscle movements with bodyweight resistance and watching an inspirational training documentary, going back to the days when athletes were not afraid to train and compete all-natural:

8 thoughts on “650 Bodyweight Watching an Inspirational Training Clip

    • I’d made reference to how the use of performance enhancing drugs has destroyed trust in many sports, being like an arms race…the fear being that not using them will put the athlete behind those who cheat, etc. etc.

  1. Even I was up to watching a workout today! (Smile.) Glorious to watch him train, and the background music was soothing.

    Do you discuss the 650 movements idea in your book? May I ask specifically what you’re referring to? I don’t mean to seem silly or anything. Is this actually something you recommend counting? Are there certain movements that count more? Etc.

    • Hi, yes, sorry about the delay. Lots going on! Yes this is in FYTD, and refers to training muscle movements, both dynamic and static exercises converted into numbers. It is a simple approach that can generate a whole chapter because of its depth of interaction with the complications of any person’s given daily life that challenges their training consistency. In the book are 10 principles for overcoming internal and external obstacles to training and 7 dimensions of training in which to do so. The 7 dimensions are comprehensive to cover the entire body in time such that they aid a person in overlapping and keeping consistency in their training lives. It was a book that was a long process of careful observation, realization, testing, and thought toward making it possible for very busy people, or people with little disposable income to be able to train in healthier and more consistent ways than they ever thought possible.

      • Hi, Mike! I will make it a point over the next year to get your book and read it! I am expecting, and I can for sure see life getting busier, not allowing me the devoted time I have carved out the last few years! I know you have lots going on, and I hope you and your family are doing okay! Thoughts your way.

      • It would be an honor to have you as a reader. I believe it is written exactly for such situations, especially the gradual approach sometimes needed after labor / back labor if any. Whatever you experience, the dimensions are broad and deep enough to give you many choices, in many places, and the principles can be useful, but more importantly, kindle your own custom thinking about principles to invent that make you successful in your training life as a new Mom. Adaptive can be a vague term, however, after reading, and inventing on your own, you will see the adaptiveness in your approach.

        Now don’t ask me if, like many people who give advice, I ever forget my own advice. LOL. In some ways, I wrote the book for myself too, to come back and remember what works and has worked for me, and to never stop looking for better ways, accepting tried and true ways, and enjoying the process of variety. May all your efforts be blessed along with your little one and your parenthood all around for you and yours.

      • I think I will enjoy the book, and I think it will be another step in a new way to embrace life in all its day-to-dayness. As every food choice I make should bear a role, so should my physical choices. Your blog is very insightful and calming for me. Thank you.

        P.S.: I will accept your blessings!

      • Definitely wishing you higher ones than my own! That said, mine too of course! Thanks for yours. I hope the book can be a sound catalyst and reference for you as you forge your training life exactly where it needs to be as you go. Peace!

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