Complete your muscle movements as fluidly and naturally as water moves.

Complete your muscle movements as fluidly and naturally as water moves.

Five-hundred-fifty muscle movements by day’s end. The exercises varied, 1/5 were weighted, while most were body-weight. This is a average number for this kind of training day, on the low side. Still, all major muscle groups engaged the Earth. A building block, a place holder, a training day, and then, nutrition.

Made dinner for the pack. I’ve been moving to more rice-based breads. Grabbed two Amy’s organic rice-crust pizzas; chopped organic triple-washed baby spinach and sprinkled on; added chopped Portabella mushrooms; added also micro-greens with daikon radish and pepper cress.

Instead of pizza bread sticks, took the remaining fresh Portabella mushrooms, sliced them, drizzled olive oil on them, and sprinkled some mozzarella on them, and put them in the residual heat of the convection oven after the pizzas were done and staying warm.

Leafing backward in the book of the day, nutrition page…

Breakfast had been fresh blueberries, raspberries, banana, and spelt bread with honey. Tried some pumpkin seeds on the side. Lunch had been sunflower seed butter sandwich. If I’d had alfalfa sprouts on hand, I’d have added ’em on.

8 thoughts on “500

  1. Micro-greens . . . now that’s something new. Sounds like a couple of fabulous, nutritious meals. I’ve cut out 95% of gluten stuff in recent years, and think it’s probably better.

    • Micro greens are new sprouts of multiple types of greens, and easier to grow and harvest with fewer stages of growth in a greenhouse, smaller, easier to package, and the theory is, more nutritious for being brand new. I envision multiple medical institutions of research as ships shooting studies at each other over this one.

  2. This is just awesome, Mike. I love the way you vary your routine, get outdoors, use your own body weight for resistance, and eat amazingly scrumptious-sounding and nutritious foods! If I lived closer, I would totally hire you to be my personal trainer!

    • A high compliment. Having read your poems, I imagine your training outdoors happens in a state of perspective we get to see sometimes in your outdoor-themed work. Must go to Shift and catch up on the latest!

      • I haven’t written much lately, but thank you! I have been exercising a lot, though. Starting to keep track of my workouts. It’s rewarding to add up the miles. I’ve never really done that before. Wonder where I’ll be at the end of this year?

  3. Have not tried rice based crusts. I am making pizza today but it is wheat based. I need to find a health food store in the big city. I have your book in my cart at Amazon but need to have a few more things for free shipping. I am frugal. Great post, Mike. I am hungry now.

    • Deb, thank you so much for your gracious visits to my blog, and kudos to frugality and efficiency. It is a lost art. Conservation gives endurance athletes good timing, and timing matters in purchases too! Thank you!

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