9 thoughts on “Rest: View from a hammock over the holidays

    • Thank you Eric. Hope your break was all good, and restorative. There was lots of activity too, too much to write about right away.

  1. I like the pondering on your Adaptive Logic. Too many of us resist our bodies’ innate wisdom, coaxing us to accept that this darker time of year is actually meant for more rest, more sleep. Our decreased serotonin and melatonin levels indicate this. I wonder how many sports-related injuries might be prevented if Americans would slow down from our insane workout programs for a month every year.

  2. Mike,

    Looks like an awesome way to spend the holidays. Here in New England, we’ve had temps in the negative numbers, plus two big snowstorms. I’ll take sitting under a palm tree at the beach any day! (And I’m not even a beach person.)


    • Was a brief respite from a very different sort of holiday season this year, adapting to a family member’s recovery from being hit by a car while in a parking lot. Recovery is happening, thankfully, albeit not all automatic.

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