How to Train Hard with Family Along: Weekend Back to Back Hikes / Interval Trail Run

Friday and Saturday yielded wonderful company on back to back afternoon family hikes above 10,000 feet. The trail was Herman Gulch trail. This trail starts at 10,332 feet and gains 1,655 feet in 3.25 miles to a high cirque lake at about 12,000 feet elevation. Friday we went about half way and back, totaling a little over 3 miles at the late hour. The steepest gain is in the first mile.

Saturday our family hike went further, about 3/4 way, with me running intervals, sprint intervals, and incline sprints then hiking back to the family and repeating. That is the way to work in more arduous speed-endurance when you have a crowd with mixed stamina levels along. I was able to sprint ahead, hike back down to my betters, then run back up again in repeat heats. It was humbling for me, and someone special got inspired and started joining in, taking the lead higher up! I was stoked by that I have to tell you. What a gem.

Whatever cold bug of seasons’ change we’d picked up during the week hit us after the exertion of Saturday’s hike, and for me, the trail running intervals. The running intervals were on a 40 degree slope and were at maximum sprint speed until I couldn’t do it anymore. Hiked the rest.

Photos share the vistas along the way. The Fall colors are fast emerging in the September Rockies, even in the mushrooms! Soon, I’ll have my Canon serviced and I’ll stop pushing these phone photos on you!photo(35) photo(34) photo(33) photo(32) photo(31) photo(30) photo(29)photo(36)

10 thoughts on “How to Train Hard with Family Along: Weekend Back to Back Hikes / Interval Trail Run

    • I’m so happy you’re visiting too! Great to hear from you. Your blog is inspiring and gutsy and I’m happy to be following you too.

    • Sometimes I think of the effort of going up one of those trails, and sometimes I think of the Continental Divide trail construction project and figure I have it easy!

  1. Love this. I love hiking trails in the mountains — and running them (or doing intervals) would be even better! That’s one reason I’d love to live in Colorado…. Just out of curiosity, does your family ever get competitive with you? Are they as active as you? I go crazy when I can’t beat my dad up a hill on my bike — though that hasn’t happened for a while. 😉

    • The mountain component is all about inclines. Find your home state’s inclines, whether natural, architectural, and both. For high points, check America’s Roof online. Elevation is cool, but not the end all. I have been on plains and looked up in the sky and felt higher than high. Stairs, bleachers, hills, and even a rock outcropping you can repeatedly go up can give you the incline. For summits wherever you live, check this state to state guide:

      My family is active in different ways than I am, in their own arenas and endeavors, yet we bond in shared sports, work, and art whenever we can. There are also the organized sports and activities for kids we become fans for, being a family. It’s kind of sacrificial in that you are the parent spectator, and yet not, because we learn so much from taking a step back, observing, listening, and giving.

      By the way, thank you for this comment — you’ve given me an idea for another post, or maybe more. Good on ya mate!

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