Your Adaptive Training Life is a Genesis



Each moment is yours to begin moving.

Moving can turn into so much, usually positive. Try it unplanned. Where does it lead you? Do you end up putting on shorts, gear, training apparel, or loose, functional clothes for a physical interval in your day?

Don’t think about it, just start moving. When you’re done, you will have discovered what your training interval was to be.

Journal about it and be grateful for the gift of movement, health enough to exercise, and the ability to breathe.

Suppose you are pinned down with obligations and training feels impossible.

Begin with taking every tense thought, tensing muscle, tense feeling, ill-reaction, curse, fear, anxiety, and angry thought and placing it squarely between the rocky abdominal muscles within you and and crush them all to dust. You can do this while you prepare for your day. In the middle of your day. As you drive to work. As you fix a meal.

Melt the dust down with the fire burning in your belly as you tense your core muscles, draw them in, adjust them, and condition them while destroying your negatives there.

Boost your posture, breathe soundly in and out, and let that fire in your belly muscles be a kiln into which the impurities of your mind and body are tossed, burned, purged, and utterly destroyed.

What do you replace them with? Silence, the prayer of listening. As long as possible. The sound of settling peace, unifying and calm. Before long, understanding or wisdom you need may dawn in the clarity and focus of your calm.

Peace with strength, you have trained adaptively.

4 thoughts on “Your Adaptive Training Life is a Genesis

  1. Lovely images here!!

    You’ve created an intense and effective tool with the negative energy kiln…that is an awesome way to release all that nasty…I find too that naturally I carry those kinds of tensions in my solar plexus so to move it into abs and then out is such a practical fix…

    I’m going to hold this one and use it for sure those time when I’m not able to just bust out and release steam the way I need to.

    Thank you for this adaptive aspect to wellness.


    • It was experimental, but the old saying “fire in the belly” is a warrior’s concept, and in times of trouble or stress, all of those things must be dealt with if a person is to be able to move. To be aggressive in that first effort is ironically the “genesis” of finding peace. Then comes breathing, on which I am no expert, sage, or guru, but know it works to imagine breathing inward and the breathe catches all of the negative thoughts and feelings hanging around, then breathing them out. It’s an irrigation system, irrigating and flushing with air purpose. Still, the real causes of stress, fear, or animosity must be faced and if possible resolved. We’re not spiritual or mental or physical beings only. We’re all of those, and maybe more.

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