Don’t Give Up

Paula Cole and Peter Gabriel put this message to song so beautifully:

For all who train, race, compete, and more importantly, love.

Don’t give up is just another way of saying “I love you,” and love is life’s truth and meaning.


For more of Paula Cole’s heart reviving music, see:

For Peter Gabriel:


6 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up

  1. Ooo…this is a treat. Peter Gabriel is one that has always stuck to my bones. I received a tape cassette of him when I was 13-14 from this family that we visited in Strata New York …they were this Christian family that home schooled and drank raw goat’s milk…the floor boards were gritty and there were random fragments of broken crayons on the dining room floor, (I enjoyed that level of lived in feeling)…any way, I just love his voice and I’m thrilled for the proper introduction to Paula Cole.

    Thank you for your visit and comment @ my blog…it is so very encouraging to hear such a nice comment from a “stranger,” about one’s work.

    I’m interested in what your focus is here, on your blog as this is exactly what I’ve been working to achieve…fitness that works for me that will grow with me. I look forward to following you, Mark…glad to have crossed paths! 🙂 Have a happy day…

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