“Park Core” on Swings (affordable, accessible, at your own risk)


Hip and Leg Shimmy with Core Muscle Slack: Feet in adjacent swing  seats, pull together as hip adduction, try to simulate walking, crossing, etc. Experiment safely, slowly, gradually. DON’T EVEN DO THIS UNLESS YOU ACCEPT the risk of FALLING OFF and getting HURT or KILLED. Holding onto the chains helps.

Superman Pretense to get Laughs from your Kid Exercise. DON’T DO THIS unless YOU ARE willing to fall and suffer the consequences of injury or death. Cheers!

Rowing Pull-ups Using Swing

Rowing Pull-ups Using Swing: Start out standing, slide under, grasp seat evenly, heels are point of contact with ground, torso is aligned with head, try avoid excessive arching (draw-in tummy to help), and execute rowing pullups. WARNING: DON’T DO THESE UNLESS CLEARED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN, AND YOU UNDERTAKE RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH. Yay.

The Solar Savings Angle to Training in the Park: With as little natural Vitamin D as people get, as many taxes paid, it seems only right to be able to use one’s park for personal self-training so long as you take responsibility for yourself, the risks, and making sure you are using common sense, going slow, and testing yourself at your level of growth. Besides, economics sometimes make gyms and clubs too expensive, too logistically tedious, and yet again, more indoors activity.

Other Safety Tips: Make sure park rules don’t prohibit what you’re doing, and that the fixtures are stout enough to handle you. Some parks have weight limits. Some equipment is rusty. Don’t do this stuff over concrete, or thinly covered concrete or hard dirt. Find a park with soft ground under  your swings. If you’re an adult, give kids first dibs on the park. If they’re using it, use a nearby field for calisthenics, sprints, i.e. whatever else you are cleared to handle by your doctors and physical configuration.

4 thoughts on ““Park Core” on Swings (affordable, accessible, at your own risk)

    • From time to time I want to include park exercises on the blog because women or men with young children are often there (lacking sleep and time for training), and are looking for ways to spark more training momentum in their wonderful, yet work intensive new schedule. That’s one way to help spark.

      But they have to look at their training lives from within a new set of principles that aren’t so rigid, and limited as the workout mindset. That’s in my book!

  1. Kinda TRX-ish! If you’re careful, you can also do a standing back row with your body at a 45 degree angle and your heels digging into the ground (if you lack strength to pull your body up from parallel to the ground)… Lotsa options!

    • That is right on. The angles can be many. On mulch, I find it is a moving angle, because the heels slide under and change the angle from 45 degrees and less. If it were rubberized ground, or grass, you could set the heels at multiple points for varying angles. Great point. Thanks for adding to it!

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