Ethics Excellence in Athleticism

What's not to love about this?

Honor system on the trail.

Some athlete out there found this key, wrote up a note, and stuck it on the fence. It’s been there a while. Which means many a mountain biker, runner, or walker has left it in peace. This gleaming key of honor shows what is possible in human relations, and when children are with us, they see these examples. If a person can be trusted to trouble themselves with a small thing like this key, perhaps the next test will be easier to pass.

What freedom there is for any one whose value is vested in what they give, give back, gratefully receive, and share.

6 thoughts on “Ethics Excellence in Athleticism

  1. Once I ran at the lake near my house. When I got back to the car, and realized my key had fallen out of my pocket somewhere along the six mile route (there was an unknown hole in the pocket), a woman jumped out of a car parked nearby — with my key in hand. She had found it near my car, knew someone would be looking for it, and waited until some panicked looking runner (me) returned. I will never forget that one small act of kindess.

    • Gratitude is also itself a blessing. Your blogs and comments always carry it in them and that makes the entire community better.

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