7.55 Hike with Sprint Intervals with a fellow Writer…

On Walker Loop Trail, he whose laziness left his i-Phone in that little top pocket of his Camelback(TM) found rescue in Hiking-to-Healthy’s blog, who is one of you: the diligent, the excellers, the mountain movers who visit this blog and make it real…

We worked in some boulder scrambles, and each used a fallen pine tree trunk as a power lifting prop. We counted ourselves successful just to budge it several inches off the slope. The oxygen debt from sprinting on a mountain grade was humbling in a way that made one-minute’s recovery seem to slow down in time.

Here’s one of several shots from Hiking-to-Healthy’s earlier and thorough photo-journal capture of Walker Loop Trail:

Click on this and you’ll hyperspace to Hiking-to-Healthy’s blog, the illustrious Rocky Mountain hiking team whose trail and summit journals are some of the highest quality on the net.

3 thoughts on “7.55 Hike with Sprint Intervals with a fellow Writer…

  1. Sprinting will definitely tell you where you’re at physically! And lifting pine trees? You’re crazy! Good for you! Now I’ll have to take a trip to the Rockies…

    • Enjoyed that training windfall, and boy do I wish I’d actually lifted the whole thing off the ground! Is it possible? I think so. I recently read about 2 Oregon girls who lifted a 3 ton tractor off of their Dad. We each just got some light under this fallen pine — it was a whole tree. I hope I never have anyone under one to take the adrenaline test.

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