Barr Trail: 5.64 Mi. on the Path to Pike’s Peak

Barr Trail: 5.64 MI on the Path to Pike's Peak

Pictured is a lower segment of Barr Trail, the route to Pike’s Peak. It is over 12 miles long and gains 7,300 feet to the summit.

Plans hit a snag, and I arrived quite late, about 1:00 PM instead of the wee morning hours. There were also wildfires to the NW of Colorado Springs, with some related traffic along the interstate, however, the smoke wasn’t too bad.

Ran 5.64 miles in Merrell Barefoots and turned around as thunder clouds converged over Pike’s peak and the trail ahead. Here’s a link to a short clip (which may be “unavailable” for a short time as I’ve just set-up the account):

Will return one early morning soon to gain Barr Camp halfway up and the goal of a 14 miler. Debating whether to use the Barefoots the whole way or put on a different trail runner. There are not that many boulders to step up on this trail and the Merrells excel at that. Trails were well built with mostly crushed granite, dirt, occasional stairs and boulders.

3 thoughts on “Barr Trail: 5.64 Mi. on the Path to Pike’s Peak

  1. How do you like the Merrell barefoots. I’m currently training for the marathon in Vibrams (LOVE THEM) and will stick with them for the marathon but have been interested in what other minimalist shoes are out there.

    • The Merrell Barefoots are great for trails with lots of fixed boulder and rock, but the Barr Trail is less like that and more like the picture. Because of the length of the run, I am interested in more padding to absorb some of the repetitive high impact on foot, ankle, knees on the way down. Don’t want to go heavy, just a bit more than the Barefoots. I like Altra Zero Drop for road shoes so will be checking into their trail runners. It may be next year before I register for the PPM, and am taking a gradual, early approach to preparation.

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