Simple Personal Executive Power

There is more than meets the eye here.

Consider all of the decisions, words, or actions we may have used this beautiful button on had it popped-up in real time.

From a self-training perspective, this button could cut-off decisions to eat, drink, think, do, or say things that would waste our health, damage our bodies, or steal time from more important priorities, be it relationship, work, physical training, or others. In a limited life span here on Earth, such a button pushed at the right times could save exponential time. That saved time could then find spot-on opportunities for excellence.

This is not just because of better opportunities found, but because we avoid entanglements that would steal yet more time from the most important things.

The cancel button in the picture is blue, a color that suggests that it is perfectly OK to cancel something. To make it red creates negative emotional associations.

Perhaps the “Send” button should be red, as impulsively or accidentally sent messages burn more bridges than cancelling messages does.

12 thoughts on “Simple Personal Executive Power

    • Use the Name-Memorization-Association technique…

      Come up with names of the situation’s that daunt you.

      Then, thinking of that situation, imagining it for a couple of minutes, stare at the cancel button the whole time, with a firm idea of what you want out of those situations in the future.

      See what happens, and let me know how it works. Does it come up in your mind’s eye in those situations?

    • If you can find a pause button graphic, put it on your blog and link me to the post! Thanks for the boost of your presence here. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  1. I need this, too! Love your comments about blue. I agree about its connotations in comparison to red… Besides, blue is my favorite color. 🙂

    • Good choice. Recently I intentionally bought some other color shirts to break up the blue.

      There’s sort of an ellipse in the button graphic, a ring, and a luminosity about it’s blueness.The designers did a good job with it, but the colors are sky colors. Freedom colors.

  2. Very true Michael!!! My daughter is always telling me, “don’t catch the ball”. We don’t have to catch every fly, grounder or bunt. I’m trying to silence the phone more as to “cancel” issues which are not mine.


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