Today, Now…

img_2945.jpgAs the night cools the path of the spartan sun, a hot day’s light drifts into space as I contemplate sleep.

Now is the best time to reach beyond the solar system of my small life and share a few observations from this week.

Health, wellness, and functional strength are like a land grant to each person to farm.

There is no guarantee the farm will not be beset by pests, drought, or fire, yet we farm what we have.

And yet a farm is a foundation for living. What is the purpose of living?

The good purpose of our lives is so simple, so central, so much who we are, it is easiest to miss for being right in front of us.

Today, now, I simplify, letting go of my ambition, letting go of the wants I have dressed as needs, and I want to gaze wordlessly into my own heart to weed this given field; to make it fertile; and to grow all I can to hold with soft hands and distribute whatever I may be given to give. Truth told to self is a calmer of all faculties before sleep.

As I descend, I trust sleep. Sleep is rain, dew, cool, and recovery. Sleep is part of training. The heat and pace of the day will return tomorrow in which I will work my field. Peace.

8 thoughts on “Today, Now…

    • Thanks for trading reads. Both of your blogs keep me on my toes for running inspiration, and make powerful points about staying focused on what’s important.

  1. I love how your blog, though focused on fitness, looks at fitness from a larger vantage point than just how hard did you push yourself today and how much harder can you push? I get discouraged looking at sites that expect you to kill yourself and measure yourself against insane athletes in order to be “good enough.” At least that’s the way I often feel. Health is a much larger picture than just how many calories you burned in a work-out session. Thanks for this reminder.

    • Jessica, I’m grateful for your feedback on that. If this were Jeopardy, the question to your answer might be: What is sustainable fitness? My objective is to equip readers with an independent way of thinking through and shaping their fitness lives that fits seamlessly into their personal lives for the long haul, is deeply comprehensive, freeing, affordable, and truly invigorating — not a ticket to injury or burnout. That you see that is a very positive sign to me. Thanks for sounding off about it!

  2. Not a ticket to injury or burnout…I love that. I love to push the limits…but on my terms.I enjoy and need inspiration from many sources and your writing is one for sure and indeed. Take care my friend.

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