Favorite Training Experiences

What are some of your favorite training memories? Those special experiences you come back to in your mind are worthy of reflection.

Shorter, intense training has been the rage in the time management age.

Yet one of my favorite training experiences was taking a 15-mile Fall hike up a closed, paved summit road above timber line, with some jogging intervals thrown in both ways. The summit was harsh, with gale force winds. The road switchbacks were long and tedious. I took my pack, found a long, established snow field and glissaded down, bypassing about two miles of road. I remember hiking down in the dark under a clear star flush sky, the wind a memory. The moon was out, and it was reflecting on the face of an alpine lake deep in a gorge below me. Something was agitating the water in that lake, perhaps wind, and the reflection of the moon would disperse into what looked like white fireflies circling above the lake. It was surreal and beautiful.

By the time I was done, I had logged 18 miles of bliss, adrenaline, and appreciation for life.

9 thoughts on “Favorite Training Experiences

  1. So many good ones!!! You put a smile on my face just thinking about them. It’ll take a minute to decide my absolute favorite – but it is a great question and fun to ponder.

    • So glad to hear it. Remembrance and visualization can work together. If that were not metaphysical enough, your sport happens in two worlds.

  2. Your hike and run sounds amazing, my favourite training experiences are always any time I am out in nature and enjoying the fresh air and the feeling of being alive. Just recently my 60+ km mtb ride wins the award, but I’m sure there will be others! – Simone 🙂

    • The love of the process is what builds us up. Hope you find yourself so prepared for the iron man that it feels recreational.

  3. My most memorable one would be when I trained for the 2008 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. It was my first marathon and I wanted a ‘fun’ and challenging way to lose weight after my daughter, Lydia was born. I had her early March 2008 and started training the min I got the ok from the doctor. Not sure if you mind if I give you a link to that post, but if you want feel free to read about that one long ass training day. http://wp.me/pg0Db-1Q

    • I read your linked-to post Eydie. Loved it. Great training day! I left a reply there. Many, many runners will nod at what you experienced; how your faith and your inner commitment opened your mind and body to the task before you and delivered you to the finish line. Thing is, I am not convinced minds and bodies just open themselves up to such an achievement. There is something more to us that transcends both of these, and makes them able to transcend distances like 26.2 miles and more.

      The other day I read of two daughters who helped lift a 3,000 lb. tractor pinning their father, a farmer, so he could get out. This extreme example shows us the power we hold in reserve.

      In terms of bodily wear and tear, a long gradual strengthening and toughening phase helps proof the body against repetitive motion injuries. Interspersed is plenty of mobility and strength work thrown in. However, when things are difficult for us at any level (wherever we are at any given point in our lives) there is much, much more available to us than we are open to believing within the rhythm of our daily routines.

      • Thank you! I agree, the mind holds more than we allow at times. Any training is just not built on strength, but the mind. Thanks for reading!

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