You may ask yourself…about food choices

You may ask yourself...about food choices

Where did a platypus learn to fight so good?

By adaptive training, no doubt. And most likely, eating most of his meals at home of high quality, healthy food choices from his supermarket where he likely appears as a mild mannered, everyday platypus. Still, if he must hurry out on a secret mission and needs to grab a quick bite out, you can bet he adapts to find the healthiest choices he can.

I can’t help but like Perry Platypus, his hat choice and the serious mind depicted underneath. He is a Platypus of few words who always does the right thing. He finds creative ways to get out of situations that may vex non-secret agents. What’s his secret? No one knows because he’s got character and keeps his cards close. Neither is Perry discouraged that his villainous opponent is not as ambitious as those of other action heroes, limiting his covetousness to his local tri-state area. Despite that, Perry is as serious as though the world was at risk even if few know about it. That’s dedication.

All of those attributes are captured well in the Subway campaign to give away Perry Platypus paraphernalia, including reusable bags that can be brought back to Subway to carry one’s sandwiches away instead of the usual plastic bag. See the photo close up above.

For environmental sense and because Subway does have a few lower calorie, lower sodium, zero trans fats, fast food choices on the healthier side (compared with most), I was glad to see them do something to interest kids; so I give the Perry bags a good review here.

Healthy as its PR sounds, there are plenty of fatty, sugary and salty ingredients and sauces at Subway. It remains for parents to guide their kids in making low sodium, low fat sandwich and side choices at Subway. Surely Jared the Subway guy did not major in Spicy Italians with chocolate chip cookies and cola during his career promoting Subway.

For the record, Subway’s website publishes guides to its menu items’ nutritional data. I like the six inch egg white on flat bread with cheese and a few veggies thrown in. As fast food goes, it is a positive, low fat, low cholesterol meal with good protein.

No doubt you may know of higher yield choices, so please comment about them. I know Subway’s a chain, and for some that’s lame, but then if it does something that heads in the right direction, that has impact. I hope to see organic choices popping up in “fast casual” chains, until it is the new normal and not an expensive fancy.

4 thoughts on “You may ask yourself…about food choices

  1. Preparing healthy meals aren’t a specialty of mine. Your post gave me a lot of helpful tips. Thank you so much for your advice, and I look forward to the next time you post!

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