Snow is life

snow is life


Falling, falling for two days and a night, the life giving white.

The snow pack has been lonesome and when it puts on weight, we’re all grateful. It fell this weekend and I see prospects for this week too. If it fell for three straight weeks I would not mind.

Lots of opportunity for snow shoveling, cross country skiing to get around, skiing and snowshoeing. And the crops grow.

2 thoughts on “Snow is life

    • Wish I could say this was this year’s photo! I’ve been too busy to pack the quality photo equipment when getting up there, but the snow that stuck was above 10K feet this past week. The photo you see here shows the foothills covered, and the mountains shrouded in cloud. Right now those foothills are brown, with some dusting and mud from melted fall. We need more and the farmers are praying for it.

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