3.67 miles in the Streets Around the Magic Kingdom and Some Related Reflections


As I took off on a morning run, I said “Have a good day in there.” My friend and our families were headed into Disneyland but I was taking a work day mid-vacation.

He said, “We can’t miss, it’s the happiest place on Earth.” It truly is a special place. The Disney approach is excellence and we all benefit from being around that. Companies send their executives to Disney training seminars for this reason. But more importantly, Disneyland shows us a world that caters to the joy and safety of children. That’s something unique and civilization-protecting. I believe it demands excellence from all of us.

Here’s a priority aside. It’s mine to deliver not just because this is my blog but because in a former life I observed family law and policy firsthand. I believe in one very good kind of intolerance that I hope becomes a groundswell: intolerance of adult conduct that disrespects the innocence, development needs, and impressionability of children.

Influences hostile toward children, their well being, and the innocence they stand for is not only a sort of declaration of war on all that is good, it is also a suicidal approach to civilization. And yet grown men and women profit from programming, games, images and materialistic output that not only lacks quality, but teaches children to lose their innocence instead of guard it as the divine gift that is is to treasure, protect and pass on within loving relationships.

Children are the citizens who will carry forward our civilization and who need us to pass batons of health, wisdom, good character by example, and true love by example. As adults we absolutely have an obligation to reform ourselves whenever we sense in ourselves anything that opposes health, wisdom, good character by example, and true love by example. It’s for the children yes, but it is also for us.

Children are a gift who in part call adults to be better people merely by existing in this world. They are also tomorrow’s adults who will vote and make important decisions about how to treat — guess who — today’s adults when they’re elderly. Get the picture? Do you want jaded, non-idealistic, defeated, confused, angry, morally compromised adults caring for you when you are old? Me either. Imperative aside paused.

This morning, before reporting to my wireless outlet to write and edit, I enjoyed an early run around the streets surrounding Disneyland to become acquainted with the area. It was overcast and rain water was still on the sidewalks and streets. The music picked up in the park around 8:00 AM, and the families streaming in were seeking fun and joy, and I wished them all well. Some parents were clearly struggling with obesity while their children looked like they were still free of it. I wondered what circumstances they faced.

I remembered this is one reason I so strongly believe that an affordable, adaptable, responsive path to adaptive self-training is so necessary. Because people matter. Every person matters. I want everyone to benefit from adaptive fitness approach to bring fitness within reach and a part of their lives for the rest of their lives.

That’s the purpose of the book. It’s worth the pain in the sitting muscles. Keep me in your good thoughts and prayers to write it so it works optimally for every person who reads it.

2 thoughts on “3.67 miles in the Streets Around the Magic Kingdom and Some Related Reflections

    • Thanks for underscoring this post with your voice. An ultra athlete’s comments carry with them that extra distance cred. Nice!

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