Sport, Art, Work

Today I spent thirty minutes in my sport. I subjected myself to someone else’s standard. I felt the difference between the results I sought and the reality I experienced.

I entered the flow that is sometimes called “the zone” only briefly, and exited from it. I spent more time working on basic movements in my sport, revising and grappling with form, balance and relative position. It was rewarding to be engaged, learning and improving, even if incrementally.

Does it matter what my sport is?

From the standpoint of my inspiration, of course. From the standpoint of yours, which is the point of this blog, not really.

What matters is that we have something to which to apply raw physical conditioning work. Sport, art or work are purposes for training. These test our spirit, character and state of being no matter what age we are, no matter how we look, and no matter what anyone says or thinks.

And the results we can use for greater purposes. Who will we need to be strong for? What situation may arise? These questions are our foundations for training motivation.

apply excellence to your world

train and do

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