Strength Training Tip for Winter: Find Your Place in the Sun

In Winter, hibernation must be on our minds, or fitness clubs everywhere would not be marketing the beach-ready fitness routines to motivate people. In general, I’m talking about those who don’t generally do Winter sports, or don’t have access, but who do the basics: walking, running and some form of weight training.

If that is you, here is something to consider during your Winter weight training workouts. Find a window that admits sunshine. On an Indian Summer day, find a grass spot or patio. Maybe you have a warm spot outside blocked from wind on cold days. Then, train in the sun. Obviously, if you spend more than 15 minutes directly in the sun, consider sunscreen with the desired SPF. Enjoy your strength training!

find your place in the sun

2 thoughts on “Strength Training Tip for Winter: Find Your Place in the Sun

  1. There are ways and there are ways! I’m glad strength work benefits your running life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear about your training life on the way to the races. It helps us all.

    In December it’s my purpose to address the boring issue of strength and other modes of training through the M7 Adaptive Fitness Guidebook. Until then I guess I’m challenged not to spoil some of the experiential paths found on issues like this.

    I also hope it comes across as an open discipline on which others may build and improve, mix and match what one small person in the universe is able to contribute.

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