Day 11 After Half Marathon: Post Run Cold, Training In The Recovery & Feel

run onSaturday, Day 7 after September 22nd’s Half Marathon was my first day running again. I’d been sick after the run with a full on cold. I’d held it off a long while and the run cinched it.

Saturday was also a vacation day away from my usual haunts, and when I stepped out to run, I was asked how far. I didn’t know, it depended on how I felt, I said.

4.5 miles later in 100F territory, running steep hills and enjoying more oxygen at 2,000 feet above sea level instead of 5K plus, I was feeling pretty good with the sweating and circulation. It wasn’t too soon to get back into it. Major symptoms were over with, and all that was left was getting the bad stuff out. The run helped.

Since, other than lugging luggage, I logged one muscle work day yesterday on Day 10. I hit my goal, working at medium intensity, and hit the sack early. No reason to over-do it, and no reason to under-do it. It felt right.

Learning to listen to that inner voice when it listens to all systems and rings true is key in the art of recovery. That goes for all circumstances, sick or well.

And today came an opportunity for a few miles walking with someone I wanted to converse with. A double benefit.

Now I am thinking of the next event, the next goal. More on that soon. Thanks as always for being here.

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