Updated: Training + Journal Entries = Problem Solving and Insight

train when you can

train by the day

To keep a journal on your exercise doesn’t necessarily mean repetitions, times, distances and the like. It might, but for many, what comes into or out of the heart and mind while training is a higher value of training. For those people I say, journal about your training, sport, art or work. Let that stay with you and motivate you to seek more insight with training as your catalyst.

To be sustainable, training must be adaptive. Not in the sense of using Darwinian terms as marketing triggers. Adaptive training must flex with the priorities in our lives: our work, our families, our elders’ needs, our community involvements, our sport, work or art.

Through journal work, our training can also help us focus on and solve problems we or others we serve may face. We may feed our problems into our subconscious while training.

May an adaptive training life be yours so that what was daunting yesterday becomes a topic laced with lightness and humor for life today.

Training is energy generation. A life without it is a vehicle that does not refuel or burn fuel efficiently. Our participation is required in efficiently generating the energy that we need. By that we can share more. Yet by that we can also go distances mentally, and catalyze internal change that gets us moving where we had previously been stuck.

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