Post Race Recovery Guidance from 3 Highly Respected Running Coaches & How M7Adapt Prepared Me for my First Half

For those who race or run free, here are some links on post-race, post run recovery:

Coach Jenny at Runner’s World and Coach Jenny at

Coach Jeff Galloway.

Coach Hal Higdon.

Each of these running coaches will also have a training schedule that lasts for many weeks before you race, and these are great resources for anyone who wants to run better.

What you are looking for is sustainability in your training life, and consulting experienced coaches and trainers can help you get there.

M7Adapt is a fitness approach that is multi-dimensional and trains more aspects of the body and mind than endurance. However, when you want to race or delve deeper into the sport and art of running, it is wise to seek out experienced coaches and do your homework.

My personal experience before my first half-marathon September 22nd was to train myself by feel, run staggered mileages that increased week to week leading up the marathon, and listen to my body’s feedback during this process for what to do next, and how to do it.

One adaptation I consciously decided on was to run the Half instead of the full marathon. I had been training in M7Adaptive principles then decided about four months out to run a marathon. It was contingent on uninterrupted, increased training runs throughout the period. Well, as happens to so many of us, up came the many items clamoring for my time, to include family needs, travel, work, and more. I needed to adapt my approach to this run, not force myself into it or drop it altogether. So I decided on the Half when training was interrupted to the point that I felt right about the change.

I’m glad I did. I’m suffering no post-run injury, and I was able to sustain a 10 minute pace. Four days out soreness has all but subsided. I got a cold my child had after my race, as my immune system was vulnerable. So that has also been part of my recovery. With M7 Adapt, I had been incorporating distance training of several kinds (run, hike, elliptical, swim) with other modalities of training over time, so this created a basis for me to be able to train for 3 months and bring my average per mile pace down 2 minutes on race day compared with my run-free times 3 months prior. That felt right, and I enjoyed the run so much I am likely to seek out events and races in the future.

Adaptation to this 13.1 mile event from the M7Adapt routine was successful, beneficial and worked well. That is my goal for my clients. That they may use M7Adapt principles and training dimensions to build a comprehensive personal constitution that enables them to do, try and pursue many different sports, arts or work challenges.

Thanks, as always for spending some time here.

Take time to recover

Recharge, reflect, renew…

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