The Lemonade of Greatness

In the wave of time that swept over us yesterday, more happened than we could ever know.

Where I started the half-marathon Saturday, I was unable to see the people competing with conditions rendering their legs unable to run. So, instead I am told, they raced on modified wheelchairs and hand cycles, using their upper bodies to race.

Some of these are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who lost the ability to run while serving the rest of us at risk to their own lives. And now they take the lemons that hit them and make a special blend of lemonade with the power to make us grateful. The power of gratitude is a humble path to greatness. By acceptance and gratitude for what we have, we are able use what we have for the utmost.

To me, that is greatness in realtime, ever living in the present.

Brian Wauters

Lemonade of Greatness Linking to The Examiner

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